Microwave Heat Therapy Flax Rice Bag Pack Neck Back Heating Pad


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Microwave Heat Therapy Flax Rice Bag Pack Neck Back Heating Pad

Classic Heating Pad Styles with Premium Upgrades:
🍃Organic Flax & Herbs
🍃Made from 100% Cotton Fabric
🍃Extra-Reinforced Stitching for Superior Strength, Durability, & Structural Integrity

Choose preferred color and size Organic All Purpose Pack Heating Pad from menu on right. Made from Organic Flax & Herbs in Your Choice of Color Flannel with Black Flannel on the back. For Unscented, mention in Notes to Seller at Checkout.

Sizes to choose:
Small 7" x 9" Travel Size Flax Bag
Medium 9" x 12" 6 Tube Flax Pack, use for low back or wrapping around an arm, also a great All-Purpose size for travel!
Long 6" x 18" 3 Tube Flax Pack, a great size for Spine & Low Back
Extra Long 14" x 14" 6 Tube All-Purpose Flax Pack great for low back, wrapping around an arm, rolling up as a neck pillow, and keeping feet warm in bed!

Medium, Large, and Extra Large All-Purpose Packs have individual tubular pockets to hold flax in place making them great for wrapping around knees, arms, hips or shoulders. Can be rolled up to make a neck pillow. Goes great anywhere on the body. Great for taking to bed!)

🍃 Ways to Use:
-Down the Back
-Under Arm for Rotator Cuff Treatment
-Across Stomach & Legs for Cramps
-Across Lower Back & Legs/Sciatica area
-Around Hips
-On a Leg
-Around an Arm for Carpal Tunnel or Tendinitis
-Medium & Extra Large Can be Rolled Up to Place Under Neck as a Hot/Cold Neck Pillow

🍃 Moist Flax Seed Heating Pads Relax Tight Muscles and Decrease Pain Caused by Muscle Tension &/or Spasms, Stiffness, & Cramps. No plugging in, no short-lived rice, no bursting gel packs, no plastic or polyester. Using a Moist Heating Pad increases circulation promoting Faster Healing. People with Muscle Strains, Spasms, or Arthritis often benefit from treatment with moist Heating Pads. Flax Seed Hot/Cold Pads may be chilled for a soothing cold pack.

🍃 Flexible Frozen, Microwavable, Oven Safe, Gentle Cold, Relaxing Hot, Portable, Reusable, and comes with detailed instructions.

🍃Designed by a Certified Personal Trainer/Senior Fitness Instructor. Aroma-therapeutic herbal mixture Formulated by an Acupuncturist/Licensed Professional Herbalist & is Safe for Pregnancy. We've been Designing and Making Flax Heating Pads since 2004. Not yo' mama's heating pads!

🍃 Got Pain?
Moist Flax Heating/Cooling Pads are Great for: Arthritis, Cramps, Back/Neck Pain, Stomach Aches, Sinus Symptoms, Tendinitis, Strains/Sprains, Sore Muscles, Migraines, Joint Pain, TMJ, Stress, Bursitis... too may to list!

🍃 Targeted Pain Relief: Moist Heat penetrates the tissue better than a plug-in heating pad or gel pack, getting deeper into muscles better than any other option. Flax Seed Heating Pads Provide the most Moist Heat of all heating pads because Organic Flax Seed contains so much oil.

🍃 How Durable are your Heating Pads?
Our Shoulder Wraps last longer since they won't come unstitched, saving you money. Designed & made with Extra Reinforced Stitching & Layered with Specialty Cotton for Superior Durability, Strength, Structural Integrity to ensure no ripping open or spilling out. We use 5 individual needles and spools of thread with a serger for durability. All of our larger designs are Double Layered with a Specialty Cotton for Superior Structural Integrity. These are the safest & most durable Heating Pads available!

🍃 A Better Balanced Wrap:
When heating pads are over filled they aren't as fluid and become too stiff to conform to our body contours, and when they're underfilled they aren't heavy enough, don't stay warm enough, and don't have as much coverage. We've figured out the perfect amount of Flax & Herbs for each individual heating pad, they aren't overfilled or under-filled, thanks to years of in-person feedback from Personal Training clients, Acupuncture patients, Massage Therapists, and crafts shows. We designed them to have a Therapeutic & Balanced weight, to conform fluidly to your body, and each to have a variety of uses. Each of our heating pads will differ slightly since we handmade them.

🍃 All Organic Flax Seed and Organic Herbs:
All of our Herbal Heating Pads have our Aroma-therapeutic Proprietary Blend of ingredients and we strive for the most consistent scent possible. Our Proprietary Blend/Signature Scent: Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint, Valerian, Chamomile, Hops, and Cinnamon. Available Unscented. Formulated by a Licensed Professional Herbalist, our Proprietary Aroma-therapeutic blend is Safe for Pregnant Women.

🍃 Our Flax Seed:
-Provides a Gentle, Moist Heat which Promotes Healing Better than Any Other Grain or Gel Packs
-Is Great for Retaining Heat or Cold
-Lasts Longer than any other Grain used in Heating/Cooling Pads Due to the High Oil Content
-Isn't Gel in Plastic... Double Lined Flax Hot Pads can be used to Sit or Lay on with no Breakage!
-Doesn't Absorb Odors from Microwaves and People, like Rice Does
-Heat Sessions Last the Longest of All Heating Pads because of the High Oil Content
-Is Organic because After All, Heating Plastic Gel Packs can release BPA's

🍃 Flax Seed contains over 40% oil, the highest oil content of all heating elements used for Heating Pads, making it the longest heat session and the longest lasting heating pad. Flax doesn't absorb body or microwave odors like rice. Our heating pads are made with All Organic Flax & Organic Herbs (no low quality rice fillers), and 100% Cotton fabric to prevent microwave fires (no flammable fleece or polyester). We understand fleece/polyester are easier and cheaper to sew than Cotton since Cotton requires ironing and takes more time, but we also understand how experienced heating pad users learn how flammable fleece and polyester are, so we're using 100% Cotton for all heated portions of our heating/cooling pads. All fleece covers we sell come with a Removable 100% Cotton flax insert for your safety.

🍃 Comes with Detailed Heating/Cooling & Care instructions.

🍃 Handmade in our Pet-free/Smoke-free Art Studio.

🍃 Versatile Shoulder Wraps:
Fan Shoulder & Neck Wrap listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/188872697/organic-flax-herbal-shoulder-wrap-purple
Original Shoulder Wrap listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/188792455/organic-flax-herbal-shoulder-wrap?ref=shop_home_active_11

The fine print: Although we have some medical training, this store is not intending to diagnose any medical condition or illness. Consult a physician if you have medical concerns or questions. Heating pad use has the most therapeutic effect when ended with a cooling session. Overheating may cause tissue damage. Persons with diabetes or circulation problems use caution. Not intended for children under 5, always use supervision with children. Don't heat fleece in microwave or oven. Fleece is 100% polyester therefore is Flammable and can melt, catch fire, even spontaneously combust. Any fleece you purchase from us has a Removable Insert which should be heated Separately for your safety. If you must heat fleece, put it in the dryer because again, fleece is made from polyester... well, you decide. All info bits, designs, cute names, photos, and cool phrases in this store are Intellectual Property of Farm Fairy Crafts, so we appreciate everyone respecting our hard work and expensive educations. Farm Fairy Crafts Designs are protected by copyright 2005.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Scents do you offer?

Scented or Unscented. Herbal Heating Pads have our Aroma-therapeutic Blend of ingredients and we strive for the most consistent scent possible. Our Signature Blend: Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint, Valerian, Chamomile, Hops, and Cinnamon. Available Unscented. Formulated by a Licensed Professional Herbalist, our Proprietary Aroma-therapeutic blend is Safe for Pregnancy. Additional herbal requests can be made via notes at checkout and may take extra time.

What are your heating pads filled with?

100% Pure Flax Seed:
~Provides a Gentle, Moist Heat
~Promotes Healing Better than Any Other Grain used for Hot Cold Packs ~Doesn't absorb odors from microwaves the way rice does
~Contains over 40% oil content allowing the heating pad to Retain Moist Heat Longer than all other grain options

What Fabrics do you offer?

100% Cotton Flannel fabrics, some Hand-Dyed right Here on the Farm! We don't use fleece fabric due to the fact that it is Synthetic and made from polyester. Fleece should not be heated as it may melt. We offer an Organic Cotton Fleece Fabric via Custom Order.

I'm sensitive to smells, what does unscented smell like?

Heated Unscented Flax Seed has a mild, neutral baked bread-like scent. We do not use rice as it absorbs odors from microwaves etc., for this reason 100% flax seed is our preferred heating element.

Care instructions

Included with your package. Microwaves will vary. Do not overheat or leave unattended. User assumes responsibility for safety in use of purchased products.

I'm sending this as a Gift, can you include a Gift Note for me?

Yes! Just let us know what you'd like it to say in notes at checkout.

I have allergies. Which scent should I get?

Most people do not have allergies to the herbs in the packs. Many report peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon to be helpful for symptoms of allergy and sinus issues. If unsure about your specific allergies we recommend selecting unscented to avoid cross allergens. Consult your doctor with questions.

How Durable are your Heating Pads?

Our heating pads are Designed & made with Extra Reinforced Stitching, and Shoulder Wraps are Layered with Specialty Cotton for Superior Strength, Structural Integrity & Durability to ensure no ripping open or spilling out. Five individual spools of thread are used for the most Durable Serged Overlock stitch, and an Additional Safety Stitch for even more structural integrity. These are the safest & most durable Heating Pads available!

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